2017 Strategic Plan


As might already know, the Medway Community Forest Cooperative was originally established as a pilot project agreement with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources in 2015.  The terms of our agreement outlined a 3-year pilot phase, where the MCFC would meet specific evaluation criteria that would address the key areas in which the MCFC aimed… Read more »

Fall 2016 Newsletter


As the fall colours recede to bare branches, we’ve been reflective on what was overall a challenging summer and fall for the MCFC. Between difficult markets, new business challenges, and a forest fire, the commitment and determination of our members and board has been outstanding. We thank all of those who have shown support throughout… Read more »

MCFC Lumbersports Competiton


On September 30, 2017, the Medway Community Forest Cooperative (MCFC) will be hosting a Maritime Lumberjack Association sanctioned, professional lumberjack competition.  The event, taking place at the legendary Milford House will pay homage to the historical value of outfitting and lumber camps in the area, and bring competitors from across the Maritimes. The MCFC is… Read more »

Board Meeting Minutes February 2016 – July 2016


Following the 2016 AGM, the MCFC Board of Directors has switched to quarterly meetings. We’ve been working very hard here at the MCFC to keep the inner workings of the organization transparent but sometimes fall behind on posts! All minutes including the AGM are posted below, along with the annual report from 2015 – March… Read more »

Lumberjacks, Loggersports, and North American Forestry


Guest Post by MCFC Technical Intern Zach Bernard Canada is a country of forests – 348 million ha dominating the landscape across the country, excluding the prairies and tundra. Its no surprise that when Europeans wanted to colonize North America, the forests needed to be harvested, cleared, and processed, which presented a great challenge. The… Read more »