About the Medway Community Forest Coop


Community Forestry allows for shared responsibility and opportunity in managing forest resources.

Community forests exist across Canada – each as unique as the communities they are part of. What they have in common is direct governance by local people, economic benefits that stay in the community, land that is managed for multiple values, and a commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Medway Community Forest Co-op was formed to bring this model to Nova Scotia. The forest industry in this province is undergoing a major transition and a community forest offers a new creative approach to managing our natural resources.

We are a for-profit cooperative with an open membership of the local community. The Board of Directors has been designed to represent the multiple interests on the forest in our area. See current list of Directors here.


The objectives of the Medway Community Forest Co-op are:

  • The forest resource is managed in such a way as to be economically viable without dependency on government subsidies in the long term
  • The Co-op will strive to support economic stability in local communities
  • The Co-op will aim for a high level of business innovation through new product development, startup ventures, and community investment
  • All investments and activities should strive to leverage and build local capacity
  • The landbase will be managed to maximize multiple economic, social, and environmental values
  • The organizational structure and planning processes are designed to cultivate a broad level of community collaboration
  • Governance structures will have a high level of accountability and transparency to the community and board director positions will be democratically elected from an open membership
  • The forest will be managed using ecologically based forest management to maintain, enhance, or restore healthy Acadian forest conditions
  • The forest will be managed in full consideration of the larger landscape, including protected areas and high conservation values

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