Board Meeting Minutes June 2017-December 2017

As we move out of the pilot phase, we’d like to share our board meeting minutes from the last half of 2017.  In recent months we’ve been working with DNR to complete a thorough evaluation of Nova Scotia’s first community forest pilot project.  We will be releasing a letter regarding the state of the MCFC from our Chair, Will Martin in the coming weeks.

As we look forward into the spring, we will be beginning negotiations with DNR to start the process of building a long-term agreement. We will also be developing our own report from our findings in the pilot phase, which we will share with you soon.

Please contact us if you have any questions and remember that reading our meeting minutes is key to understanding the inner-workings of our organization.

Board Meeting Minutes Sept. 2017

Board Meeting Minutes Oct. 2017

Board Meeting Minutes Dec 2017

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