Will Martin, Chair (Member at Large)

Will is the Chairman of the Medway Community Forest Co-op and is building his career in social entrepreneurship for rural communities and the forests they depend on.

Will works as a forestry consultant and is also the President of the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association (nswooa.ca). Will’s experience includes the development of the Windhorse Education Foundation (windhorsefarm.org), being a lead auditor for FSC certification with the Rainforest Alliance, and as the manager of a small wood products business.

Katie McLean, Vice-Chair (Social Seat)

Katie currently works as Communications and Outreach Coordinator with the Clean Annapolis River Project. Her educational background includes a Masters of Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University.

In addition to work in the ENGO sector, she brings experience from former positions with Ontario MNR in the large mammal ecology section of the Center for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research, NS DNR in forest extension, and several seasons as a canoe guide and paddling instructor. She is currently involved in coaching the AWEC Envirothon team, and is involved with several other environmental education programs for youth. 

Jane Barker, Treasurer (Social Seat)

Jane works as the Forest Stewardship Coordinator for the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute in Kempt, Queens County.

Jane has worked in natural resource management for over 25 years. Much of that work has involved working with multiple stakeholders on publicly owned land, improving land management through partnerships with private landowners, and public outreach and education.

Angelika Waldow (Environmental Seat)

Angelika has lived in the Annapolis Royal area for nearly 20 years and is originally from Germany.  Angelika has a degree in forest management and tree nursery gardening.  

Here in Nova Scotia, she has been involved in private woodlot management and community tree planting projects. She has been involved in community projects like Green Streets, Communities in Bloom, Evergreen, gardens for seniors, and a community garden. She has also been leading an outdoor after-school program for 4 years, and a winter active program for 2 winters with Annapolis County Recreation. Angelika feels strongly about creating skills and sustainable economic opportunities for people to make a living in rural Nova Scotia. This includes treating our resources and environment with respect and knowledge.

Donna Crossland (Environmental Seat)

Donna grew up in the rural community of East Dalhousie, Kings County  and presently resides in Tupperville, Annapolis County. Donna is a Forest Ecologist with a passionate interest in the proper management of our Maritime forests. 

She has researched historical forest composition, disturbance regimes including fire history, and white pine regeneration.  She has contributed to vegetation management planning in both PEI and Kouchibouguac National Parks. Also, she served on the NS Forest Panel of Expertise during 2009-10, and co-authored with Bob Bancroft:  Forests:  Restoring the Health of Nova Scotia’s Forests. Currently, Donna is employed with Kejimkujik National Park as a Resource Management Officer. 

Peter Van Dyk (Member at Large)

Peter van Dyk, grew up and has worked all but four years of his life in the North Queen’s area.  Peter is self employed and works with several different commodities in the farming industry.

Peter has been a volunteer in the North Queens community for 30 years and sat on several boards, having held many executive positions. Peter was chairman of the Board of Trade when a group of volunteers from our community came together in search of ideas that could create some economic growth and development in our community and that is where the community forest project first started. 

Peter Francis, RPF (Economic Seat)

Peter grew up on a small mixed farm in the Annapolis valley where he spent time working in the woods with his father on weekends and Christmas vacations.

Peter graduated from UNB with a BSc Degree in Forest Engineering in 1984. After graduating from UNB, he worked for Sissiboo Forest Management Ltd. a group venture in Digby County providing management services for small private woodlot owners. Peter worked for the Department of Natural Resources for over 27 years and held a number of positions until he retired last year. Peter is also a partial owner of the family woodlot that is FSC certified. He carries out most of the work on this and two adjacent properties himself. Peter has a great deal of forestry experience both with small private and Crown land in Western Nova Scotia.

Don Kimball (Economic Seat)

Don was born and raised in Dartmouth NS and is a graduate of the cabinet carpentry course, in what is now the Akerley campus of NSCC.

He joined the Canadian Forces, and served first as a radar tech, then was remustered to the Structural tech trade. Don was retired from the military in Brandon MB, where he worked as a furniture restorer until moving back to NS. Currently living in South Brookfield, Don makes furniture and cabinets utilizing materials from his FSC certified lot. Don spends many hours volunteering in the local community, as the treasurer for both the NQ Board of Trade and NQ Business Hub. He is also the area rep for the RQM planning advisory committee, a 4H leader, a member of the NQ heritage society, and works on the Good News for North Queens newsletter.

Cody Whynot (Member at Large)

Cody Whynot grew up in Liverpool and was introduced to canoe tripping at 10 years old.

Later he pursued biology at Dalhousie University, but when it became apparent he wasn’t spending enough time outside he enrolled in Thompson Rivers University’s Adventure Guide program. Here he began to learn about the adventure tourism industry while spending plenty of time outside mountaineering, sea kayaking, canoeing or alpine ski touring. Not long after he joined the management team at a backcountry snowmobile lodge in the Shuswap Mountains, he started Whynot Adventure with his partner, Karlene Hauer, which operates The Keji Outfitters in Kejimkujik National Park. Recently he and Karlene decided to spend the winter in North Queens, from the Medway River’s freeze-up through to thaw, to officially become a pair of South Brookfield Sourdoughs.

Georgie Ulhman

Georgie Uhlman is from West Caledonia and truly fell in love with the forests of Western Nova Scotia while helping his father and brothers haul logs as a boy.

Although Georgie previously worked as a heavy equipment operator, he prefers to do much of his harvesting on his land with the aid of horses. Georgie owns three woodlots in the locale and was among the first landowners in the area to get his woodlots Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. He estimates that over 70% of is woodland use is for recreation, hosting all kinds of community events, including New Year’s sleigh rides, outdoor Easter egg hunts, summer barbecues, trail rides on horseback, wood harvesting demos, Thanksgiving potlucks, and community fundraisers.