Guest Posts

Lumberjacks, Loggersports, and North American Forestry

Guest Post by MCFC Technical Intern Zach Bernard Canada is a country of forests – 348 million ha dominating the landscape across the country, excluding the prairies and tundra. Its no surprise that when Europeans wanted to colonize North America, the forests needed to be harvested, cleared, and processed, which presented a great challenge. The… Read more »

Best Management Practices for Salmonid Stewardship on Woodlands – Guest Post by Katie McLean

Guest Post by: Katie McLean The content in this blog post is adapted from an introductory best management practices guidance document produced by Clean Annapolis River Project. What is a watershed? A watershed is the entire region from which rainfall and snowmelt drains into a single water body. The high degree of interconnectivity within watersheds… Read more »

Nova Scotia’s Fiery Past – Guest post by Donna Crossland

Nova Scotia’s Fiery Past: Why early wildfires ignited by our ancestors should not justify modern clearcutting practices Written by MCFC Board Member, Donna Crossland Nova Scotia forests were heavily impacted during European settlement by frequent wildfires caused by a variety of human activities that far outweighed any direct impacts from early logging or shipbuilding activities. A… Read more »