Forestry Activities

Updated Harvest Plans

We have new harvest blocks up for public review on the NSDNR Harvest Plans Map Viewer. We’ve been carefully planning over the summer and selected these blocks and developed the prescriptions to reflect our management objectives. These are just the first in a series of new harvest areas that will be up for review in… Read more »

Harvest Tender 2017-01

We are now accepting bids for our 2017 annual harvest. The harvest areas within this tender are located mainly in the East Branch Medway portion of the MCFC land base, with two harvest areas in the Pugwash Lake area near Highway 8. Through pre-treatment assessments the rough estimate of volume for the projected harvest will… Read more »

In Words and Photos – The Seven-Mile Lake Fire

The Seven-Mile Lake forest fire nearly completely stalled our forest operations for the summer. It’s only now that we’ve had the time to fully assess the damage and address our next steps for salvage, reclamation, and restoration. On Thursday, August 4th a fire was started on a forest service road off Highway 8 in the MCFC… Read more »

Pre-Commercial Thinning Tender 2016

Once again in 2016, the MCFC has put together a PCT tender for just over 100 hectares of our land base. The tender can be found below, or on the NS procurement services website and the closing date for bids is July 27, 2016 at 2PM. Bids can only be submitted through the NS procurement website… Read more »

MCFC Management Plan

It’s finally here! Our management plan will be up for public comment for the next 30 days. Please take a look, ask questions and share insights in the development of our interim management plan. This document will be the basis of operations in the MCFC for the remaining duration of the pilot phase, serving as… Read more »

Harvest Blocks for Review

  We have several harvest blocks now open for public comment through the NSDNR Harvest Plans Map Viewer. Look for the MCFC blocks just over the Annapolis/Queens Co. line, on the west side of Highway 8. We are also providing a more detailed look at the MCFC upcoming harvest site through our own online database…. Read more »

Certification and Sustainable Forest Management

The MCFC land base is currently certified, in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). The Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a forestry certification system that is used across North America and is supported by many non-government agencies. In addition to maintaining a forest operations certification system, SFI provides conservation and… Read more »


Do you ever wonder where your firewood came from? Want to ensure you’re burning wood from sustainably harvested forests? The Medway Community Forest Coop can help. Our forest is carefully managed, taking extra care to ensure the forest and all its resources will be available for local communities for generations to come. We’ll even show… Read more »

Announcing the Community Forest’s “first” harvest!

Medway Community Forest Coop Announces First Forest Harvesting Operation We are pleased to announce that harvesting operations have now commenced within their Crown land base. The areas included in this harvest span 120 hectares over two main regions of the land base in Western Annapolis County. As you might already know we’ve completed all of the… Read more »

MCFC Tender 2015 – 02 Northfield Rd./Victory Rd.

The MCFC is calling for bids for our most recent harvest tender in the Northfield Rd./Salmon Lake area and the Victory Rd. Area adjacent to Highway 8.   This tender document outlines the bidding process, responsibilities of the successful bidder and describes the harvest areas. These blocks are a part of the Northfield Rd –… Read more »