Maps and Landscape

In Words and Photos – The Seven-Mile Lake Fire

The Seven-Mile Lake forest fire nearly completely stalled our forest operations for the summer. It’s only now that we’ve had the time to fully assess the damage and address our next steps for salvage, reclamation, and restoration. On Thursday, August 4th a fire was started on a forest service road off Highway 8 in the MCFC… Read more »

Harvest Blocks for Review

  We have several harvest blocks now open for public comment through the NSDNR Harvest Plans Map Viewer. Look for the MCFC blocks just over the Annapolis/Queens Co. line, on the west side of Highway 8. We are also providing a more detailed look at the MCFC upcoming harvest site through our own online database…. Read more »

Recreation in the MCFC

For those of you who did not attend our workshop and AGM, we had several maps made that outline the recreational, economic, cultural and environmental features of the MCFC. The recreation map reall shows the tremendous recreational opportunities that exist in the MCFC and neighbouring areas, mainly for camping and paddling. We are still in… Read more »

Introducing the Medway Community Forest Lands

The Medway Community Forest Co-op (MCFC) Crown land license area (the area in blue on the map) is located in Annapolis County near the communities of Annapolis Royal, Bear River, South Milford, Springfield, New Germany, and Caledonia. The 15,000 ha area was determined through careful analysis of the landscape. The core team for the development of the… Read more »