Four Mile Stillwater Trail Proposal

You may have recently heard that the MCFC is proposing to upgrade an existing footpath in the Medway Lakes Wilderness Area along the Mersey River adjacent to Four Mile Stillwater. We’re currently completing the public feedback and engagement component of Nova Scotia Environment’s ’10 Steps to Build a Hiking Trail’ process. This is the time… Read more »

Board Meeting Minutes June 2017-December 2017

As we move out of the pilot phase, we’d like to share our board meeting minutes from the last half of 2017.  In recent months we’ve been working with DNR to complete a thorough evaluation of Nova Scotia’s first community forest pilot project.  We will be releasing a letter regarding the state of the MCFC… Read more »

Updated Harvest Plans

We have new harvest blocks up for public review on the NSDNR Harvest Plans Map Viewer. We’ve been carefully planning over the summer and selected these blocks and developed the prescriptions to reflect our management objectives. These are just the first in a series of new harvest areas that will be up for review in… Read more »

My Summer with the Trees

By: Freya Clark Working for the Medway Community Forest Co-op this summer was amazing, educational and fun. The time just flew by! Over the course of the summer I got to learn and do so many practical and  interesting things including: helping to plan for the Seven Mile Lake Fire Burn Tour and the Old… Read more »

MCFC Summer Newsletter

As the days get shorter and the leaves on the trees begin to change we look back on what was a productive and exciting summer for the MCFC. With the help of our Summer Intern Freya Clark, and volunteers from our Board of Directors and the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute (MTRI) we put on two… Read more »

Introducing our summer intern: Freya Clark

  My name is Freya Clark and I am the Summer Intern at the MCFC this summer. I am very excited to be a part of this important community owned sustainable forestry movement, and to be living in beautiful Queen’s County this summer! I am originally from the little town of St. Andrews New Brunswick, but… Read more »

Board Meeting Minutes August 2016 – February 2017

In anticipation of upcoming public and stakeholder meetings, we’re catching up on our meeting minutes from the past few months. All minutes from September 2016 to today are posted below. As you can see, meetings have been more regular in the past months as we negotiate the details of our management plan and plan for… Read more »

2017 Strategic Plan

As might already know, the Medway Community Forest Cooperative was originally established as a pilot project agreement with the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources in 2015.  The terms of our agreement outlined a 3-year pilot phase, where the MCFC would meet specific evaluation criteria that would address the key areas in which the MCFC aimed… Read more »

MCFC Management Plan

It’s finally here! Our management plan will be up for public comment for the next 30 days. Please take a look, ask questions and share insights in the development of our interim management plan. This document will be the basis of operations in the MCFC for the remaining duration of the pilot phase, serving as… Read more »