Do you ever wonder where your firewood came from?

Want to ensure you’re burning wood from sustainably harvested forests?

The Medway Community Forest Coop can help. Our forest is carefully managed, taking extra care to ensure the forest and all its resources will be available for local communities for generations to come. We’ll even show you where your wood came from.

Firewood is vital to the livelihood of communities surrounding the MCFC. Given the rural location, many homes in Caledonia and surrounding areas are heated with wood, and are particularly susceptible to fluctuations in pricing and supply. By generating a steady supply of firewood for the local public, the MCFC will promote price stability and consistent products, without pushing existing vendors out of the market.

Public Sales

The MCFC has established a firewood yard on Mount Merritt Rd. in Kempt. Through this location, the MCFC will be processing wood for private and public sales.  All MCFC members and shareholders will be provided with a coop discount, regardless of the volume of wood purchased.

The MCFC is now offering processed hardwood firewood for sale in Caledonia, Bridgewater, Liverpool, Annapolis Royal and surrounding areas. Processed firewood is offered at $225-$250/cord delivered, all MCFC members receive a $5/cord discount. Roadside firewood and softwood also available.

Contact us today to start getting ready for winter!

Keji Park

Another huge consumer of firewood in the region is MCFC neighbour, Kejimkujik National Park. Through the park and affiliated NGO, Friends of Keji (FoK), the park requires approximately 160 cords of firewood per summer operating season. The MCFC has signed a supply agreement with the FoK and is working on preparing a bid to supply firewood for backcountry campers.

Conway Workshop

Due to the volume of hardwood products that are harvested off the MCFC lands, the MCFC has partnered with Conway Workshop in Digby to supply 500-600 cords of hardwood fuelwood and logs annually. Conway Workshop Association is a non-profit organization that is committed to providing quality residential and employment/vocational training programs to benefit individuals with disabilities. At the Workshop, Conway processes firewood and sells it to the local public and produces value-added wood products and milled lumber and sells products including picnic tables, lobster traps and pallets.



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