Harvest Tender 2017-01

We are now accepting bids for our 2017 annual harvest. The harvest areas within this tender are located mainly in the East Branch Medway portion of the MCFC land base, with two harvest areas in the Pugwash Lake area near Highway 8. Through pre-treatment assessments the rough estimate of volume for the projected harvest will be ~20,000 tonnes of timber in a variety of product categories.

As you may already know, our tender is different than the typical Crown land harvest agreement in Nova Scotia. As a community forest co-operative, we have been issued with a Crown Forest pilot project agreement, and our land base is managed as a working forest with multiple values. We are dedicated to improving the forest productivity of the land base, managing for the health of ecosystems and focusing on Acadian Forest restoration. With this considered, our objective is to achieve maximum utilization of timber products from our harvested lands within the specifications of the prescribed harvest methods. The harvest prescriptions described in this document are non-negotiable and must be followed.

If you have any questions regarding this document please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I can be reached by phone, email or if you wish to speak in person, our office is located behind the North Queens Firehall in the Business Hub — please contact me to set up an appointment.

Access our tender through the link below:

MCFC Tender 2017-01

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