At the MCFC, we’re focused on developing new ways to support our local community from the resources in their own backyards.


Over the course of our 3-year pilot phase, our board and staff spent many hours budgeting and testing possible revenue streams and determining the best course of action in attempting to achieve economic self-sufficiency. Today, we’re still working on the best model to achieve economic self-sufficiency, and have recently developed an in-depth business plan to help us get there.

Interested in reading our business plan? Take a look below.

MCFC Business Plan


Current Revenue Streams


timber sales

The MCFC license area is a working forest that supplies wood products to local mills as well as small-scale buyers seeking unique products. The majority of our revenue from timber is done through stumpage sales, where we offer harvest allocations to mills or contractors for harvest under our strict management objectives. However, we also take special orders for small loads of softwood and hardwood timber. The primary products we offer for sale include softwood sawables, firewood, hardwood pulp and a limited number of hardwood logs.

If you’re interested in buying timber from the MCFC, we can send you a detailed list of product availability and available delivery timelines.

private land services

We work with our private land management partner, the Western Woodlot Services Cooperative to help provide woodlot owners with management planning services, harvest supervision and auditing. Primarily, we aim to serve woodlot owners in the direct community of North Queens, however will at times serve a wider geographic range within Southwest Nova Scotia.

Are you interested in building a forest-based business that utilizes the MCFC License Area?

If so, we’d love to hear from you. We have a enthusiastic board and staff that are always keen to look at new ways to diversify our revenue and incubate innovative ideas.

Let’s get started.