At the MCFC, we rely heavily on support from our volunteer Board of Directors, to help guide decision making that reflects the values within our community.

we have specific seats that directors are nominated to fill including social, environmental and economic values as well as first nations interests. Aside from the Board, we employ one full-time general manager and in the summer, host one or more student interns.

Check our our team below!



mary jane rodger, RPF - general manager

Mary Jane is our sole full-time staffer and wears many hats within the MCFC. She has been with us since we signed our agreement in 2015. Along with support from the board, MJ handles the daily operations of the MCFC including forestry operations planning and supervision, business development, community outreach and private woodlot consulting. Originally hailing from Ontario, Mary Jane holds a Master’s in Forest Conservation and is a Registered Professional Forester in NS.


Board of Directors


Katie Mclean - Chair (social seat)

Katie currently works as Communications and Outreach Coordinator with the Clean Annapolis River Project. Her educational background includes a Masters of Resource and Environmental Management from Dalhousie University.


William martin - past-chair (member at large)

Will is the co-founder of the forestry-tech start-up, Woodscamp, a Senior Director at the American Forest Foundation and a past-president of the Nova Scotia Woodlot Owners and Operators Association and the MCFC. 


Friedrich meyer - Treasurer (member at large)

Friedrich is an outdoor enthusiast with a very broad knowledge of aquatic and terrestrial diversity and ecological concepts and has a special interest in forestry and land management. Friedrich is currently working as an impact assessment officer for Parks Canada.


abby lewis - secretary (member at large)

Abby grew up in the woods and waters of Southwestern NS. She currently works at the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute where she is involved in forestry stewardship and bat conservation projects. 


jane barker (social seat)

Jane works as a Co-Director and Forest Stewardship Coordinator for the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute in Kempt, Queens County. Originally from the UK, Jane has called Caledonia home for the past 10 years has worked in natural resource management & conservation for over 25 years


donna crossland (environmental seat)

Donna grew up in the rural community of East Dalhousie, Kings County and presently resides in Tupperville, Annapolis County. Donna is a Forest Ecologist with a passionate interest in the proper management of our Maritime forests. Currently, Donna is employed with Kejimkujik National Park as a Resource Management Officer.


Craig Hartlen (Economic Seat)

Craig grew up in Liverpool on the Mersey River, where he still resides today with his wife and two children. Much of his childhood was spent exploring the woods and waterways of Queens County. Craig has been employed with Harry Freeman & Son Ltd. for the last 14 years and is currently their Woodlands Manager.


Angelika Waldow (Environmental Seat)

Angelika has lived in the Annapolis Royal area for nearly 20 years and is originally from Germany.  Angelika has a degree in forest management and tree nursery gardening. Angelika feels strongly about creating skills and sustainable economic opportunities for people to make a living in rural Nova Scotia.  


Don Kimball (Economic Seat)

Don was born and raised in Dartmouth, and is retired from a career in the military. Today, Don makes furniture and cabinets utilizing materials from his FSC certified lot. Don spends many hours volunteering in the local community, as the treasurer for the NQ Board of Trade and Chair of the NQ Business Hub.


Cody Whynot (Member at Large)

Cody Whynot grew up in Liverpool and was introduced to canoe tripping at 10 years old. He and his partner, Carlene own Whynot Adventure, which operates The Keji Outfitters in Kejimkujik National Park and Historic Site.


Georgie Ulhman (member at large - private woodlot owner)

Georgie Uhlman is from West Caledonia and truly fell in love with the forests of Western Nova Scotia while helping his father and brothers haul logs as a boy. Georgie owns three woodlots in the locale and was among the first landowners in the area to get his woodlots Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.


michael gunn (member at large - county of annapolis)

Michael Gunn has lived and worked in Annapolis County throughout his lifetime. Primarily a builder of houses and boats, he also worked in the fishing, farm and forest industries.  He is currently an elected representative to the County of Annapolis.