Our Mission and Objectives

we encourage those who support our mission and objectives to join the mcfc membership. joining the mcfc allows members to have a say in the management of our crown land license area.

The mission of the Medway Community Forest Co-op is to support local communities through sustainable and ecologically based forest management. Specific objectives in meeting that vision are:

  • The Co-op will strive manage the forest resource to support economic stability in local communities;

  • The Co-op will aim for a high level of business innovation through new product development, startup ventures, and community investment;

  • All investments and activities should strive to leverage and build local capacity;

  • The forest land-base will be managed to maximize multiple economic, social, and environmental values

  • The forest land-base will be managed using ecologically based forest management to maintain, enhance, or restore healthy Acadian forest conditions;

  • The forest will be managed in full consideration of the larger landscape, including protected areas and high conservation values;

  • The organizational structure and planning processes are designed to cultivate community collaboration and consultation;

  • Governance structures will have a high level of accountability and transparency to the community and the Board of Director positions will be democratically elected from the open membership.


Transparency in Resource Management

“The MCFC provides the local community a chance to have a say in what happens to the resources in their own backyards"

— Mary Jane Rodger, MCFC General Manager



Board Meeting Minutes

We aim to promote transparency in our governance, including publishing all our board meeting minutes.


the mcfc by-laws were developed to dicate our inclusive decision making processes.

Annual Reports

Each year, the mcfc releases a report highlighting the previous year’s major achievements.